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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Jeff Allen

Since we last posted a lot has happened with Spatz Bats.  We decided first of all to take the dive into a brand new fresh logo to start shipping with our first team order of 2018 going out to DC Dynasty Baseball in Washington, DC.  Very excited about that!  The logo is more slick and aesthetically pleasing...surely to be liked by players and coaches.

Secondly, we decided to put our first paper ad out there and went with Collegiate Baseball's January 5th, 2018'll find our ad on page 7!!  Collegiate Baseball is "The Voice of Amateur Baseball" and our ad will be in the National College Preview/American Baseball Coaches Association Convention edition....which will be handed out at the ABCA convention in Indianapolis....pretty cool!!

Lastly, our fungo line has started to take off.  Is it the discounted prices?  Maybe...but we like to think its the quality and attention to detail that we take in each and every bat....and our fungos are made out of pro grade billets as cutting corners for the coaches, they put in the time they deserve the best!!

Happy Holidays everyone and thanks for your continued support.  Best wishes in the new year!!

Jeff & Karen Allen

Spatz Bats



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