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New Youth Bat Model!!

Jeff Allen

Spatz Bats would like to announce that we will be adding a 243 youth bat option to our lineup.  This bat will be different than our other offerings to help keep the price down on our best options.  Here's the deal....for the first couple months that we offer this bat we will be offering it at a highly reduced price.  To do that we will be making this bat in one style only.  It will have a black handle and flamed barrel with NO engraving or cupping.  This bat will be A grade maple wood and available in youth sizes 27" - 30" ONLY.  We plan on expanding the options and sizes at a later date, but for now we're keeping it simple....AND bringing the price way down!!

Just to compare...our T85 youth bat in Maple, 2-toned flamed barrel/black handle, cupped, engraved runs at $90 with all those options.  This bat with 2-toned flamed barrel/black handle, no cupping (its not needed on this bat, well balanced and light), and no engraving will be offered for the first couple months at $54 plus shipping!! 

See the picture in this blog post of what it will look like...we just made this over the weekend and are excited to offer it soon on our website....check back soon!!

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