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What is a Spatz Bat???

Jeff Allen

So what is a Spatz Bats bat?  Spatz Bats, LLC has partnered with an industry leader to produce top quality wood bats made from the finest Northern Ash and Hard Maple billets.  All of our bats are professional grade and our youth and gift bats are made from the same high quality pro grade billets as our adult bats.  Because our bats are made on a CNC lathe we are able to cut turnaround times down considerably from the time it takes for a handmade bat.  Typical shipping takes between 1 and 2 weeks from the time you place your order meaning the bats are in your hands faster!!

We pride ourselves and our company on providing top quality, game ready, pro grade bats for all ages because everyone deserves to swing the best.  The first thing you will notice when you receive your new bat is the attention to detail.  From the smoothness of the wood and balance and feel to the precision of the paint and engraving you will be proud to swing a Spatz Bat!!  All bats are hardened before the finishing process and are customized to your specifications.  Typical weight drop for youth bats is -6 to -9 while our adult bats are around -2 to -3.  Add a note to your order if you’re looking for a specific weight drop and we’ll do our best to get close to it.

At Spatz Bats we want to make sure you are more than satisfied with your wood bat purchase and that you come to find out as others have that there’s nothing like swinging a Spatz Bats wood bat.


Jeff & Karen Allen


Spatz Bats, LLC

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