SPATZ BATS IS can review our bats but can't purchase at this time. Thanks to all our customers and supporters over the last 2 years.
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Q:  How long until I receive my custom Spatz Bat?

A:  Each bat is fully customized and made to order, but with our unique process we can typically get a bat to you in 1-2 weeks, but sometimes longer during higher volume times of the year.

Q:  Can I get a discount?

A:  Of course!!  Just ask...seriously just ask and we will get you a discount code...we want you to use our bats and we want you to be a part of the Spatz Bats family.

Q:  Do you have a warranty on breakage?

A:  Unfortunately bats do break and we do not offer a warranty at this time.

Q:  Do you have team pricing?

A:  YES!  Please send an email to for a quote.  We'll set your team up with great pricing!

.....MORE TO COME....