SPATZ BATS IS can review our bats but can't purchase at this time. Thanks to all our customers and supporters over the last 2 years.
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Team/League Pricing

For the biggest discounts on our wood bats email and we will send you our team pricing for 2017.  The tiers for our big discounts are 6-12 bats, 13-36 bats, 37-60 bats, 61-84 bats, and 85+ bats.  Price per bat goes down as you move up to the next tier.  At the 85+ bat range we're talking deep deep discounts off of our normal online prices.  Perfect for teams and leagues.  If you're looking to partner with Spatz Bats LLC for tournaments, youth leagues, men's adult baseball leagues, or collegiate summer leagues just send us an email or call 410 970 2323 and we'd be happy to discuss what we can do for you.  IF INTERESTED IN LEAGUE PRICING TYPICALLY OVER 200 bats PLEASE CONTACT US to see how we can HELP YOU SAVE on pro grade wood!!

COMING SOON!!!  -- Goat Gloves batting gloves...we've tested these gloves personally and they are the most comfortable and durable batting gloves we've ever used.  Proud to partner with Goat Gloves!!